Madison DeShane joined Friendswood Contemporary Ballet as their Artistic Director in 2018.  She is returning to the Houston area after having previously lived and initiating her training in Raleigh, North Carolina at the age of seven. After ten years of classical ballet training with an emphasis on the School of American Ballet technique, she branched into other genres and choreography as well as working professionally in the field of ballet. Madison has performed in works with Carolina Ballet in North Carolina, Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance in Georgia, and Graceful Expression Classical Ballet Company of Cary.  Performances have included original choreography set by Armando Luna, Marc Wayne, Laura Morton, and Marin Boieru.
Choreographically, Madison‘s work is derived from a Classical Ballet vocabulary with an emphasis on Neo-Classicalism and Contemporary. The teaching methodology is defined through personal experience with Vaganova and School of American Ballet.  Madison is a huge asset to our Ballet Company and will be kicking off her first season with us choreographing “The Girl with the Matchsticks.”

Madison DeShane