Madison began her dancing in North Carolina at age seven. During that time she performed in works with Carolina Ballet, Graceful Expression Classical Ballet Company, and Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance in Georgia. She attended college at Belhaven University for Dance and Management in Business, focusing on operations efficiency.


With certifications in Progressing Ballet Technique, Alixa Flexibility, Youth Protection Advocates in Dance, and The Dancer’s Workout©, Madison is continually working to advance her base of knowledge and bring new ideas to the company and her teaching.


Madison’s artistic philosophy in choreography is derived from a Classical Ballet vocabulary with an emphasis on Neo-Classicalism. Abstractly, she derives artistic inspiration from the individual dancers that she has the opportunity to work with. By focusing on the abilities of each dancer and their unique story, Madison is able to configure choreography that fits the dancer and illuminates their abilities.

Madison Deshane