The Girl with the Matchsticks

Date:  Sunday, December 2nd, 4:00pm

Location:  Friendswood Junior High

Tickets Available for Purchase starting October 5th

Adult tickets: $22    Children 10 and under and Seniors: $10

A joyful reimagining of the Hans Christian Andersen seasonal classic.

A young girl ventures out to sell matchsticks to raise money for a Christmas gift for her grandparents.  While out she gets lost and is discouraged that she has not sold any matches. On her journey home she is greeted by a snow queen and little snowflakes that make her cold. Using her matches, she warms her cold fingers and toes. The flames from the matches cast shadows on the street reminding her of all of her favorite things about Christmas. Through each of her favorite memories she is finds that the best part of Christmas is not the gifts but in the time spent with her grandparents, family, and friends!  Ultimately, she is reunited with her grandparents and they hold a lovely Christmas party with all of their closest friends.

Featured Guest Artists

Christa Beacham, A.R.A.D. – Angel

Edward DeShane – Grandfather

Lindsay Dekleva – Grandmother

Artists in Residence

Amanda Dudley – Match Girl

Nicole Harrington – Shadow, Snow Queen, Party Guest

Meredith Hite – Town Person, Fire Lead, Party Guest

Therese Armstrong – Town Person, Flame, Party Guest

Joslyn Kessler – Town Person, Flame, Party Guest

Cassidy Woodcock – Town Person, Flame, Party Guest

Sophie Hunt – Town Person, Snow Flake, Party Guest

Jillian Lazzaroni – Town Person, Snow Flake, Party Guest

Mayah Whitmire – Town Person, Snow Flake, Party Guest

Junior Guest Artists

Julia Acevedo – Snow Flurry

Colin Aycox – Flame, Party Guest

Kennedi Brown – Snow Flurry

Arianna Childress – Flame

Danielle Eveland – Angel Dancer

Hallie Hymel – Angel Dancer

Lily Koltes – Snow Flurry

Nora Misegades – Angel Dancer

Ainsley Moore – Snow Flurry

Analiese Rodriguez – Angel Dancer

Katie Sims – Angel Dancer

Delaney Stanley – Angel Dancer

Jolie Turner – Snow Flurry

Madison Wood – Flame, Party Guest