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Friendswood Contemporary Ballet presents

Christmas Ballet

Date:  December 2nd, 4:00pm

Location:  Friendswood Junior High

Tickets Available for Purchase starting October 5th

The Girl with the Matchsticks

A joyful reimagining of the Hans Christian Andersen seasonal classic. 

A young girl and her grandparents live together. The girl ventures out to sell matchsticks to raise money for a Christmas gift for her grandparents; however, while out, she gets lost and has not sold any matches. Discouraged, she is greeted by the snow queen and all the little snowflakes make her cold. She then uses her matches to try to bring warmth to her cold fingers and toes. The flames from the matches cast shadows on the street reminding her of all of her favorite things about Christmas. Through each of her favorite memories she is reminded that the best part of Christmas is not the gifts, it is the time spent with her grandparent, family, and friends! In the end, she is reunited with her grandparents and they hold a lovely party with all of their closest friends.

What People Say
  • I love that Friendswood Contemporary Ballet offers a pre-professional company for girls who would like to be serious in their ballet training. I have attended a few of FCB’s performances and I love that I get to watch a professional performance in my hometown. This company is unique to our town and what has to offer young baller dancers.

    – Monica Drew

  • “Friendswood Contemporary Ballet productions are just beautiful. The emotion and the love the dancers portrayed in The Greatest Gift were felt by all members of the audience. We will be back each year for great new family tradition and so close to home!”

Our Faculty
Madison DeShane

Madison DeShane

Artistic Director

Nicole Mueller

Nicole Mueller

Administrative Director

Shanna Kirkpatrick

Shanna Kirkpatrick

Founder & Owner

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