Girl with the Matchsticks
Christmas Ballet

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Save the Date!  November 16th | 6:00pm

Friendswood Junior High

Performance features Friendswood Contemporary Ballet Artists in Residence along with Junior Guest Artists.

FCB Artists will be joined by Professional Guest Artists Edward DeShane and Melissa Ludwig

The Story


Isabella and her grandparents are decorating the house for Christmas. The grandparents set their presents underneath the tree and look to the young girl who is stricken with panic. Isabella has no money to buy her loving grandparents presents. The young girl gets the idea to go into town and light the evening lamps to raise money for a gift for her grandparents. When she gets into town, she is full of wonder and amazement by the sights and people in the town. As it begins to get dark, the girl wanders alone and is met by her shadow, an Angel, the Snow Queen and a flurry of snowflakes. The young match girl is sitting alone and feeling very discouraged when a flock of angels try to cheer her up. She is feeling more hopeful when the Angel appears and brings back hope and joy to the little match girl. Isabella lights a match to keep herself warm and the Flame dances around her showing memories of her time with friends. When Isabella lights her second match, she finds herself entranced by the shadows on the wall which remind her of her grandparents. She just wants to find her way home to the warm embrace of her grandparents.

All of the characters that young Isabella met on her journey, the Angel who guided her, the Snow Queen, and the Flame, come together to find peace and harmony. Feeling determined and encouraged by the Angel, the matchgirl lights her last match and watches as the flames dance across the buildings around her. Suddenly, the shadows become darker and they move faster. The girl is so frightened as the landscape around her flies about. Through all of the darkness, the little matchgirl hears something. It is her grandparents! They have a joyful reunion and their friends come together to host a party to celebrate the best part about Christmas. All of the family and friends join together for a lovely evening of celebrating Christmas together.

Our Faculty
Madison DeShane

Madison DeShane

Artistic Director

Nicole Mueller

Nicole Mueller

Administrative Director

Shanna Kirkpatrick

Shanna Kirkpatrick

Founder & Owner

Company Auditions

Friendswood Contemporary Ballet is open to all dancers within the community and is composed of Artists in Residence performing alongside Professional Guest Artists and for their fall performance, Junior Guest Artists.  Artists in Residence auditions for the 2020/2021 season will be held Saturday, May 23rd from 2:00 to 4:00pm

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Friendswood Contemporary Ballet, in residence at Chara Christian Dance Academy, seeks to enhance the ballet community by bringing together students and professional artists throughout the Greater Houston area.