3rd Annual Friendswood Dance Festival

October 7th 6:00pm | Centennial Park, Friendswood

Bringing the Arts Closer to Home

Friendswood Dance Festival is a free event due to our mission to elevate the Performing Arts in our local community.  In celebration of this mission, please partner with us in supporting Part of the Art Foundation; a local non-profit that offers scholarships to children who possess great passion for dance, but little financial power, so that they may be a part of the performing arts!  Thank you for your support!

Performance Lineup

Learn more about each of these talented performing groups by clicking on their image below

Pilot Dance Project

Adam Castaneda, Artistic Director

Pilot Dance Project

Butterfly Requiem

Choreographer: Adam Castan͂eda
Dancer’s names: Adam Castan͂eda and Kristina Prats

Music title: “Always With Me”
Composer: Youmi Kimura

Open Sky Dance

Rebecca LaFon, Artistic Director

Open Sky Arts Collective


“Rest” is about how, even in the hard times, you can always turn to the Lord to find rest and a soft place to land.

Choreographer: Rebecca LaFon
Dancer’s names: Jenny Richards, Bethany Armistead, Amanda Dudley, and Rebecca LaFon

Music title: “Rest”
Composer: Seph Schlueter

artistic edGe

Katie Trevino Lammers, Artistic Director

Artistic Edge

Weighed Down

An ambiguous loss, a loss without information or closure. We pay far less attention to it as a phenomenon between friends. In this duet, “Weighed Down,” it reveals the rises and falls in their friendship and realizing it is time to let go and move on.

Choreographer: Katie Trevino Lammers
Dancer’s names: Sophia Soliz and Hannah Walker

Music title: “Watchful Eye”
Composer: William Goodchild

San Jacinto College Performing Arts Company

Jamie Williams, Company Director

San Jacinto College of Dance

Aia La O Pele and He Hawaii Au (excerpt)

Choreographer: Jamie Williams
Dancer’s names: Maegan Bullard, Angel Guerrero, Jackie Hernandez, Gie Hilburn-Osorio, Skylar Hinton, Bethany Mills, Megan O’Malley, Isabelle Ramirez, Emily Rodriguez, Andrea Salinas, Nyra Springer, Macy Watts

Music: “Aia La O Pele, Haku Mele” performed by Pekelo Day | “He Hawaii Au” words by Ron Rosha and Peter Moon, music by Peter Moon, performed by Kanilau

Deeper than Dance

Mariah Henry, Company Director

Deeper Than Dance


Ambition is a contemporary piece with an overlying theme of trial and error. This piece mimics building a masterpiece or landscape that takes many tries as it rises and falls until it stands firm in completion. Through “Ambition,” we wish to showcase building up ourselves as God’s masterpieces as we live a life of trial and error.

Choreographer: Mariah Henry
Dancer’s names: Niala Agudelo, Kendahl Bermudez, Joy Crissmon, Mariah Henry, Marissa Hernandez, Brianna Payne

Music title: “Experience”
Composer: Ludovico Einaudi

Univeristy of St. Thomas Dance Program

Maria McCain, Assistant Professor of Dance/Director of Dance

University of St. Thomas


This dance explores how artistic inspiration can be both internal (from the artist’s emotions and memories) and external (from the world in which they exist) and how true art draws from both.

Choreographer: Cassidy Lynn
Dancer’s names: Shea Morris and Cassidy Lynn

Music title: “Eyes Closed and Traveling”
Composer: Peter Broderick

A Fine Line

Choreographer and Performer: Dannielle Shaw

Music title: “Of Rain”
Composer: Bogdan Belyaiv

Friendswood Contemporary Ballet

Madison DeShane, Artistic Director

Friendswood Contemporary Ballet


“Daybreak” is an abstract contemporary piece revolving around the idea of the newness and variance of the morning, with themes of how the morning can compare to our own personal walks of faith.

Dance #1

Choreographer: Madison DeShane
Dancer’s names: Jaden Cooper, Alyssa Hoth, Ainsley Moore, Mayah Whitmire

Music title: “Polaris IV”
Composer: Peter Sandberg

Dance #2

Choreographer: Madison DeShane
Performers: Gabriella Boyd, Arianna Childress, Lylah Gaskey, Brooke Thompson, Sophia Truong

Music title: “The Secret History”
Composer: Andrew Skeet, Chamber Orchestra of London, and Kerry Muzzy

Dance #3

Choreographer: Madison DeShane
Performers: Mikayla Hughes, Mackenzie Martin, Bree Nelson, Ashby Stanford, Makayla Yarnold

Music title: “Broken Prayers – Piano Version”
Composer: Riley Clemmons

Dance #4

Choreographer: Dominique George
Performers: Addilyn Boysel, Victoria Cassat, Adria Reyes, Lauren Thompson, Kate Traylor

Music title: “Endless Story About Sun and Moon”
Composer: Kai Engel

Dance #5

Choreographer: Dominique George
Performers: Arianna Childress, Jaden Cooper, Mikayla Hughes, Bree Nelson, Brooke Thompson, Mayah Whitmire, Makayla Yarnold

Music title: “Sunrise”
Composer: RAIGN

Dance #6

Choreographer: Madison DeShane
Performers: Gabriella Boyd, Addilyn Boysel, Victoria Cassat, Lylah Gaskey, Alyssa Hoth, Mackenzie Martin, Ainsley Moore, Adria Reyes, Ashby Stanford, Lauren Thompson, Kate Traylor, Sophia Truong

Music title: “November”
Composer: Max Richter

Dance #7

Choreographer: Madison DeShane
Performers: Principal, Soloist, Demi-Soloist, and Corps de Ballet Dancers

Music title: “Better Days”
Composer: Dermot Kennedy

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